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Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Prom

Price: RM55
Type: Dress
Colour: BlackWhite (SOLD - 1)
Colour: BlackWhite (RESERVED - 1)
Colour: BlackPink (AVAILABLE - 1)

Size: Fits S, M
Length: -
Width: -
Details: Dual toned dresses are Love!! I just love dual toned dresses especially those that looks like a tube match with high waisted skirt!! This Prom has 2 ribbons around the skirt area, smocked behind and has a balloon/bubbly skirt. Cute, no?

Love Corset

Price: RM42
Type: Blouse/Corset
Colour: White (SOLD - 8)
Colour: Black (SOLD - 4)
Colour: Black (AVAILABLE - 3)

Size: Fits S, M
Length: -
Width: -
Material: Cotton
Details: - We just couldn’t get enough of these corsets!! You can match them perfectly with your high waisted skirt, jeans, shorts, mini skirt etc and you’ll still look sexy in either ways!! This corset has laces at the upper part, smocked behind & it comes with padded bra. It’s a really pretty piece of corset that words couldn’t say much. See it for yourself!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

2 in 1 Chio

Price: RM49
Type: Mini Dress
Colour: Black (SOLD - 3)
Colour: Black (RESERVED - 1)

Size: Fits S, M
Length: 60cm (from boobs, exclude ribbon, stretchable)
Width: 30cm (boobs, stretchable)
Material: Cotton
Details: Do you still remember our 2 in 1 Chio Dress? Well, they are back in Black now =) It’s made of cotton, it comes with a satin ribbon/string so that you can wear it as a halter dress or you can take it out to wear it as a tube dress, a short mini dress which is suitable for clubs, the length of the dress is adjustable & it comes with padded bra. Totally sexy, no?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Summer Flowers

Price: RM49 (excludes belt)
Colour: BrownCream (SOLD - 2)
Colour: BlackPink (SOLD - 2)
Colour: GreyCream (AVAILABLE - 2)

Size: Fits a Bigger S, M and Smaller L person
Length: 86cm, Width - 37cm (boobs)
Material: Satin
Details: This dress is totally unique and yes it’s imported. We only have 2 pieces for each colour. You can wear it off or on shoulder, it’s made of high quality satin, smocked below boobs and it comes with an inner layer. The flowers & pattern are carefully designed & you don’t have to worry that everyone is having the same dress as you.