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Friday, January 30, 2009

Ruff Ruff

Price: RM35
Colour: Black (AVAILABLE - 1)

Size: Fits a Bigger S, M, L
Length: -
Material: Satin
Details: Smocked Waist

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pattern Kimono

Price: RM45 ( excludes belt)
Colour: Purple (SOLD - 2)
Colour: Purple (AVAILABLE - 1)

Size: Fits a Bigger S, M and Smaller L person
Length: 80cm
Material: Lycra
Details: Back Ribbon to tie

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pee-J Style

Price: RM49 (excludes belt)
Colour: Green (AVAILABLE - 1)
Colour: Blue (SOLD - 1)
Colour: Pink (SOLD - 1)

Size: Fits S, M and L
Length: 67cm
Material: Unknown
Details: Smocked at boobs
Note: Put on a shorts if you want to wear it as a dress as the lower part is abit sheer.

Elegant Vee

Price: RM45
Colour: Green (AVAILABLE - 1)
Colour: Black (SOLD - 1)

Size: Fits S, M
Length: 63cm
Material: Lycra
Details: Smooth and a very Comfy wear!

Halter Abstract

Price: RM49
Colour: Blue (AVAILABLE - 1)
Colour: Green (SOLD - 1)

Size: Fits S, M
Length: 91cm
Material: Satin
Details: Smocked below boobs

Clubbin Babe

Price: RM49 (includes black tube, excludes belt)
Colour: Black (SOLD - 2)
Colour: White (AVAILABLE - 2)
Colour: Blue (SOLD - 1)
Colour: Blue (AVAILABLE - 1)

Size: Fits S, M
Length: 67cm
Material: Lycra
Details: Strap Adjustable, Glitterish Material, Adjustable Lenght
Note: Very suitable for clubbing and you wear it without the tube.